Google News: The Purification of Journalism?

There is no doubt that journalism is changing (or as some say, “unraveling”). The way the world consumes the news is no longer fetching the morning paper and turning on the evening news. We are no longer passive consumers, we are actively seeking the news, sometimes creating it ourselves, and sharing it with our friends, […]

Book Critique: Lauren Winner’s Mudhouse Sabbath

Mudhouse Sabbath is written in a style hat is slightly more formal but still personal. What I appreciate about her technique is that she chooses topics for each chapter and uses different events, books, and experiences in her life to discuss the particular theme of each chapter, how her life was affected, and how she translated […]

Storify: The Debate on Marriage Equality

The Supreme Court arguments heard today on Marriage Equality (or Gay Marriage) is a topic of hot discussion. Everyone has an opinion whether they choose to share it or not. It is a difficult position to be at odds with popular belief and to hold strong to ones convictions and beliefs. Below is a Storify […]

Storify: Michael Moore calls for release of Sandy Hook Crime Scene Photos

    This morning I came across a tweet by my local news station that was reporting that Michael Moore is suggesting that the crime scene photos from the Sandy Hook School shooting should be made public. Michael Moore, made famous by his social critique of American society with documentary films like Bowling for Columbine […]

Changing Corporate Culture To Enable Women’s Success

Originally posted on Linked 2 Leadership:
If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve been hearing the recent debate about barriers to women’s career success. Debating Two Paths This debate is personified by Anne-Marie Slaughter in one corner, arguing that organizations force women to choose between life balance and career success, and Sheryl Sandberg in…

Personal Politics

Religious conviction and political or personal ideologies often conflict in this right to freedom of thought, speech, and exercise of action country, and young generation. It is no longer acceptable to believe strongly in something when it opposes the views and beliefs of someone else. No longer do we have the freedom of speech without […]

NYC Mayor Forces Breastfeeding, a mom’s response

This is one woman’s response to the post: NYC Mayor Forces Breastfeeding By Christin Howard-Fankhauser It upsets me! On one hand, I don’t mind the mayor taking a stance on a woman’s issue because he is in a place of authority and has the power to disseminate information. On the other, the stance he has […]

Social Media, Story Telling, and Joseph Kony

Infamy. It’s a powerful thing. Blend that with social media and you have one of the most influential and powerful tools in the world today. The video produced by the non-profit Invisible Children, Inc. has, on the span of three days, gone viral on YouTube with more than 27 million views. It is a 30 […]

A plea to the government of the United States of America

Dear Mr. President of the United States, Governor Sandoval, and all Nevada senators and congressmen: I am an unemployed American.  I work hard and honest, like many Americans. But still, despite my loyalty, hard-working tendencies, and desire to be employed, it still seems that I cannot find a job. I have applied for more than […]