3 Reasons to be on Social Media

Social media marketing is more than playing on Facebook and pinning to Pinterest. It requires thought, strategy, hard work and commitment. But, before you can develop a strategy, you have to be present on social media.  Whether you are already a believer or not, social media marketing is the future. It will be essential for […]

Google News: The Purification of Journalism?

There is no doubt that journalism is changing (or as some say, “unraveling”). The way the world consumes the news is no longer fetching the morning paper and turning on the evening news. We are no longer passive consumers, we are actively seeking the news, sometimes creating it ourselves, and sharing it with our friends, […]

Social Business – Going from Qualitative to Quantitative

Originally posted on Steve Farnsworth's Old Blog:
In many organizations social business seems like a qualitative exercise. They think, “We need to do this because it will make our organization work better together.” Ed Brill says this perspective would be short-sighted. Click to Tweet This Post ★ Social Business – Going from Qualitative to Quantitative…

Journalism and Social Media

As a graduate student in the Reynolds School of Journalism at the University of Nevada, Reno, I spent two days in San Francisco touring and discussing the future of journalism with some very popular social media platforms and some not so known innovative journalistic start-ups. On Monday, October 22, 2012 our cohort had the privilege […]