Hello world!

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House of Cards

As a child one of the things we would do is take a deck of cards and lean two cards against one another so that they could stand together. And one by one continue adding cards until a foundation had been built that, then, could have a second story built on top, and another on […]

Head in the Sand

There are times in our lives when we face unimaginable difficulty, times we wouldn’t wish upon anyone. And times we would give anything to change where we are at and not have to go through it. Those are the times when our character is refined. When we have no other choice but to face the […]

The Dream

It is an easy thing to find inspiration and to dream big. The difficulty comes in persevering through the drought and continuing to believe it will become reality and the struggle is seeing it through to actuality. The growing pains of a dream are incredible and not many have the ability to see it through. […]

Faded Mirrors

I wonder sometimes, from my own experiences- for that is all I know, why we long to run and hide from the truth. The truth of life, of reality, of the hardness of what life is and what it is not. There are times that we think we can see so clearly, and yet it […]