Book Critique: Rhoda Janzen’s “Mennonite in a Little Black Dress”

It’s one thing to read a book about faith. It is another to read a book about the realities of life colored by faith and the struggle women face in reconciling the two. In reading all these books about women, their spiritual journey in discovering who they are and what their faith means both in […]

Book Critique: Lauren Winner “Girl Meets God”

Lauren Winner’s writing style in “Girl Meets God” is more matter of fact than several of the previous books. The main theme she deals with is combining her Jewish faith/up bringing with her new-found Christianity. It is interesting to me that she has such a difficult time reconciling the two faiths as if they are completely separate […]

Dream Big and Dream Often

Dreams really do come true. But they don’t just happen. Dreams are a lot of work and a lot of hard work, make no mistake about that. However, when you dream, dream big and dream often. And whatever you do, never give up! Many of you know, and many more may not, that when I […]

Hosanna Home: a Rescue to Many

[singlepic id=1 w=320 h=240 float=right]Photo by Dan, Watch a video about Hosanna Home and Esther’s Closet Gloria was a liar and a thief. Her four girls wanted nothing to do with her. She stole from her family and was spending her money on drugs and alcohol. She didn’t even have money for food. Her […]

River of Tears

Once upon a time life was full of promise and sweetness and nothing seemed to hinder the possibility of it all. And then the reality of life outside of a  fairy tale set in and wounds began to appear. Nothing seemed to quench the anguish I felt and no remedy could heal the mortal wounds […]

Final: beginnings

Gloria was liar and a thief. Her three girls wanted nothing to do with her. She had turned to drugs to make herself feel better, but nothing worked. Her life was headed in the wrong direction and in a desperate attempt to  reclaim power, she found herself committing robbery. The moment the police slapped the […]