Every child knows that once they hit puberty, a right of passage is the dreaded acne. But, one of the saving grace’s is that at some point, the crazy chemical conundrum inside out bodies, figures itself out and we grow out of the acne stage. But, for some that equalization doesn’t happen and acne haunts them throughout their lives.

Every person goes through a different level of breakout, some very severe that leaves their skin and self-esteem pock marked, others are much luckier with few, if any, breakouts. Regardless of the amount or the degree of severity, we all, especially women, endure the ridicule, anxiety, and annoyance of not just acne but the social dismissal of the inner beauty that it produces.

Make-up gives women the ability, when applied correctly, to reveal the inner beauty in a way that society is able to accept, until the true inner self is able to transform enough to find confidence and true beauty. The ability to be transparent regardless of the backlash from society, allows for people to make changes within society. Transparency is key because in revealing everything it leaves nothing left to be ridiculed. It resonates with people on a personal level and as each person identifies with the transparent it unites them to cause and create change.

Cassandra Bankson, a young woman prone to acne and a model recorded a video and posted it to YouTube in order to help other women overcome the social stigma with acne through the use of make-up. Although covering up acne is not the ultimate solution, it is a temporary relief that encourages positive self esteem.

Here is her video:

As a woman in her thirties, I have been through the teen plight, aged through my twenties with less but still fairly consistent breakouts, and now, am enduring a new struggle with body acne. I have tried nearly every over the counter and as seen on TV remedy, been to two different dermatologists over the course of a year and a half and now, I am at a loss. Isn’t this something I was supposed to grow out of? For the past 18 months I have been covering up even in the summer months because I am ashamed and feeling ugly. The wonderful people in my life have been encouraging and hopeful, but it is a personal struggle, not a group one.

I am grateful to Cassandra, as many women are, for being transparent in hopes that her struggle can become a source of strength and encouragement to other women.


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